Stop spinning your wheels and wasting valuable time on admin tasks when you should be interacting with your customers and working on cars!

The Auto Repair Labor Guide gives techs the information they need to do the job right. Our system gives your team access to vehicle specs, repair procedures, and helpful diagrams so they can work faster and smarter.

Mechanic Estimating Software

All the integrations you need to power your business

"The main reason I bought this service was that it was the only automotive shop POS system that could be operated remotely. It's internet based, so they can update their features overnight without the hassle of loading software on every terminal; or one that wants to monitor from home, or on the road."

John Manka, 1 Stop Tire & Auto

"As an owner & user, having a web-based application is a must. The ease of use for one shop and multiple shops to be viewed in aggregate is fantastic. My service staff and technician staff can use it just as easily. I find it very uncommon how open the development staff has been to implementing recommendations that are beneficial to all. High marks overall - thank you Omnique!"

Dan Georgopulos, Hands Automotive

"I set out to create my own customized system and then found Omnique. It has everything I wanted and more. The customer service can’t be beat! Pricing is out of this world and the reliability of the system is rock solid. I can access the entire system at any computer, on the road, home, or at any computer in the shop. Priceless!"

Joe N, The Repair Shop

Digital Vehicle Inspections create transparency with your customers so they feel included in the repair process and confident in the work—resulting in loyal customers.

Digital Vehicle Inspection Software

Electronic Parts Ordering

Find and source the parts you need with QuickParts. Our software can calculate and recommend ideal stocks for your shop based on your sales history. Manage inventory across one shop or more!

Automotive Inventory Management

Integrated Tire Fitment

Ordering tires from a catalog or over-the-phone is inefficient. QuickParts Tires allows you to find vehicle and tire specs and place an order for the exact tires you need, then we help you calculate recommended prices to increase profit while keeping customers happy.

Having a large inventory of parts waiting on shelves isn’t earning your shop money. Our inventory management tool ensures you only order what you need while optimizing your inventory to keep you from waiting for parts to get a job done.

Contactless Payment Software

Today, customers appreciate online services that free them up from physically visiting your business. Omnique’s Invite to Pay feature allows them to complete payments for their automotive services from anywhere.

See how Omnique can provide your shop with the exact features you need to make work easier.

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Accurately estimate the time and cost for repairs

Share your vehicle reports with your customers

Order parts faster and make more money on each repair

Collect payments quickly and remotely

We calculate the sweet spot of inventory stocks for you

Increase profit margins on tire orders

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